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Medical Insurance
  • Self Insured
  • First $500.00 Paid at 100%. $1,000.00 Deductable Paid By Employee*
  • 80/20 In Network Coverage After Deductible
  • 50/50 Out of Network Coverage
  • Wellness benefit
  • $65.00 per Pay Period; Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction Through Cafeteria Plan
  • Available First Day of the Month Following Employment.

Dental Insurance
  • 6-month check-ups (preventative care) paid at 100% of UCR
  • Deductible: $50.00
  • Restorative procedures paid at 80% of UCR with $50.00 Annual Deductable
  • Prosthodontic Procedures paid at 50% UCR with $50.00 Deductable
  • $1000.00 Maximum Per Year
  • Premium Included in Medical Insurance

Vision Benefits
  • $15.00 Deductible
  • Exams Paid at 100% After Deductible
  • Lenses Paid at 100% After Deductible
  • Premium Included in Medical Insurance
  • Allowances:
    •      Single: $55/single & $110.00/pair
    •      Bifocal: $70/single & $140.00/pair
    •      Trifocal: $85/single & $170.00/pair
  •    Contact Lense Allowances:
    •      Hard/Soft Contacts $175.00
    •      Gas Permeable $175.00
    •      Fitting Charge $ 60.00
NOTE Members must choose between eyeglass lenses and contact lenses but cannot have both in any given plan year. FRAMES: 100% after Deductable $200.00; One Set of Frames - Maximum Benefit per 2 Calendar Years

Flexible Benefits
  • Cafeteria Plan (Section 125 of Internal Revenue Code)
  • Premium conversion
  • Health care account
  • Child care account

Life Insurance

  • One Times Annual Salary Term Life Coverage Provided for All Full Time Employees.
  • Effective the first Day of the Month Following Employment
  • Additional life insurance may be purchased

Paid Time Off (PTO)

  • Earn 192 hours per year. May be used for:
    •      Holidays
    •      Vacations
  • First 32 hours of illness
  • Available after 3 months of full time employment
  • Increased after 5 and 15 years
  • Carries over year to year
  • May accrue up to 288 hours
Extended Illness Bank (EIB)
  • Earn 48 hours per year. May be used for:
  •      Extended illness lasting more than 4 consecutive days
  •      Hospitalization
  •      Out patient surgery
Family Medical Leave
  • Upon approval for qualified employees, up to 12 weeks unpaid leave of absence for family or personal medical conditions
  • Continued insurance coverage during leave
  • Same or equivalent job upon return to work
Shift Differential
  • Available when the majority of your shift is worked after 6:00pm

Call Pay
  • $5.00 per hour
  • Pays time and one half when called in, minimum of 1 hour paid
  • Up to 3 days paid time off for death in immediate family
  • Available after 3 months or 520 hours of employment

Jury Duty
Hospital will pay the difference between the jury duty pay and the employee’s regular rate of pay when absent during a scheduled shift

Retirement Plan (457 Deferred Compensation)
  • Employees may make contributions by payroll deduction after 3 months of employment
  • After 1 full fiscal year of full time employment, the hospital will contribute 3% of gross wage to a 401a plan
  • Contributions are made on pre-tax dollars
  • Hospital based inservices
  • Hospital pays for appropriate inservices out side the facility
  • Direct deposit of paychecks
  • Service awards
  • Credit Union eligibility
  • Free Parking
  • 30% discount on cafeteria meals